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Energy Benchmarking Demystified: A Roadmap for Los Angeles Property Owners

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Energy Benchmarking - Guide for Los Angeles Property Owners
Introduction Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis that epitomizes urban growth and architectural diversity, is at the vanguard of a crucial endeavor—energy benchmarking. In an era where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity, energy benchmarking emerges as a...[Read More....]

Attention Building Owners: AB 802 Compliance Deadline Looms! Find Out What You Need to Know

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The clock is ticking for building owners
The clock is ticking for building owners across California. In a short while, the AB 802 compliance deadline will arrive on June 1, 2024. The importance of readying your property to comply with this energy efficiency mandate cannot be overstated....[Read More....]

Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: What are the new 2024 Benchmark Ordinances?

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2024 Benchmark Ordinances - Vert Energy Group
Introduction  In today’s modern world, energy efficiency plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of various industries. One of the key tools in achieving energy efficiency is the implementation of benchmark ordinances. These ordinances aim...[Read More....]

NYC Local Law 97 Penalties For Building Owners: What You Need to Avoid

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Understadning NYC Local Law 97 - Vert Energy Group
Introduction  New York City, a global hub for innovation and sustainability, has taken a momentous step towards combating climate change with the implementation of Local Law 97. This landmark legislation, enacted in 2019, places strict emissions limits on buildings across...[Read More....]

Overcoming Challenges in Meeting Energy Benchmarking Requirements in SF

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Energy Benchmarking Challenges - Vert Energy Group
In an era of increasing environmental awareness and the pressing need to reduce our carbon footprint, energy benchmarking has emerged as a crucial tool for measuring and improving energy efficiency in buildings. San Francisco, with its commitment to sustainability and...[Read More....]

What Steps Are Involved in Conducting an Energy Benchmarking Analysis?

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Energy Benchmarking Analysis - Vert Energy Group
In a world brimming with technological advancements and a growing concern for environmental sustainability, the quest for optimal energy consumption has become an imperative. Imagine possessing a compass that not only points towards energy efficiency but also illuminates the path...[Read More....]