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Broadway Stages Success Story

Broadway Stages is one of New York’s largest, full-service film and television production companies, and it’s still growing. An integral part of New York City for over 30 years, Broadway Stages and its clients have created hundreds of local jobs. The company is equipped to handle every conceivable size, style, and type of production, and their diverse portfolio of work includes films, television shows, music, and commercial studio photography.

With 200 to 300 production stages, Broadway Stages also provides cutting-edge facilities for companies looking for space to produce their film and television content. Whether the need is for space, equipment, or location access, Broadway Stages has the entertainment industry covered.

The Problem

Coordinating all those locations, spaces, and equipment is a major undertaking, and, as a result, essential compliance processes can sometimes sit on the back burner for too long.

After the team at Broadway Stages received an energy compliance violation notice for one of their buildings, they wanted to ensure it didn’t happen again. They began looking at different energy compliance and auditing firms, and they ultimately decided to work with Vert Energy Group.

Anna Smagacz, associate at Broadway Stages, reported that since Broadway Stages has so many large buildings, they knew it would be easier to have Vert Energy Group manage all of their facilities.

Smagacz says: “We got a violation on one of our buildings, and that’s how we started working with Vert Energy Group. Because we have so many buildings, it’s easier to manage when you have one company doing everything for you … and so many are more than 50,000 square feet, it was easier to have the professionals at Vert Energy Group do it for us.”

The Solution

Vert Energy Group was able to come in alongside Broadway Stages and become their energy benchmarking and auditing representative.

Ms. Smagacz went on to expand on her experience with Vert Energy Group, saying:

“With the website, they were able to respond within our desired time frame. Even though they [Vert Energy Group] are based in California, they were able to respond pretty quickly because they have people here [in New York]. It’s really easy to work with them, and you know you can rely on them. Whatever question I ask, they always have the answers. Everything gets done the way I like it [quickly, accurately] and that’s why we work with them.”

In addition, the team finds easy to use when looking for more information or add-ons, and they have used the project team to handle most of their overall portfolio needs.

With four LL87 projects completed and one in process, Broadway Stages continues to benefit from the easy-to-use, time-saving tools on; and they are quick to point out the peace of mind they gain from partnering with Vert Energy Group.


Now Broadway Stages is able to focus on their active business goals without having to worry about their compliance needs. Their process is easy: They provide an updated list of the properties they manage to the Vert Energy Group team, and the Vert Energy Group compliance professionals review the data and submit the required benchmarks to the city.

What’s next? Based on their prior benchmarking experience with Vert Energy Group, Broadway Stages opted to partner with Vert Energy Group again on a vital commissioning project for 2020-21.

“Go for it,” Anna Smagacz says. “Give Vert Energy Group a try and see how you like working with them. I [only have positive things] to say [about our experience].”

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