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Corporate Efficiency Program

Custom Energy & Sustainability Programs, Professionally Designed with Your Company in Mind.

Have 50 or more buildings?

Your portfolio will benefit from having your own Corporate Efficiency Program to protect your
Profits, Asset Value and Compliance Risks.

CSR is Important to Your Buildings and Driving Change

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is quickly becoming more important to investors and customers in the commercial real estate community. You need a plan that goes beyond basic sustainability programs or making financial donations – one that makes money instead of just spending it, while also benefiting your employees and the environment. Some cities are now making it mandatory, such as Los Angeles and New York.

The Corporate Efficiency Program will help you create your own program, customized to your corporate goals and property needs, for less time and money than attempting to do in-house.

The goal is to make improvements to your properties that increase energy efficiency and solve building modernization issues. As a result, profits increase, your CSR reputation improves, and your employees will have a better work environment. It starts with having a strong corporate strategy to minimize implementation costs and risk. Let our professionals make this process easier for you today.

5 Steps to Maximize Your Program’s ROI and Eliminate Risk

Corporate Strategy

Develop Program Mission, Goals and Tools

Property-Level Implementation

Identify, Assess and Prioritize Portfolio Opportunities

Develop Custom Efficiency Plans for Each Property

Implement Efficiency Plans

Implement On-Going Plans and Corporate Communication

Turn-Key Project Development and Implementation

Vert Energy Group will help identify the best ROI opportunities, across your portfolio, with a proprietary Portfolio Efficiency Assessment tool (Step 2 & 3). We can then facilitate an entire project from concept to completion, with minimal time or effort required from your building management (Step 4). As a part of the Corporate Efficiency Program, we will also develop an On-Going Efficiency Management Plan to ensure your properties are running at optimal levels (Step 5).

While the details of the 5-steps of the Corporate Efficiency Program are proprietary, the video below highlights some aspects of how we can take your efficiency and modernization projects from concept to completion. However, not all services included in the Corporate Efficiency Program are shown in the following informational video:

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