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Energy Management And Modernization

An Energy Management and Modernization Plan (EMMP) is a comprehensive assessment of a facility’s infrastructure and systems that develops opportunities to reduce not only energy costs, but also Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs as they relate to the energy systems throughout the facility. While most energy management plans focus on short-term energy savings, an Energy Management and Modernization Plan offers both short and long-term solutions that are more reliable, have higher returns on investment, and that extend the life of existing equipment.
An EMMP is a proactive approach that combines an optional energy efficiency project with mandatory modernization efforts to address aging and failing equipment.

Benefits of Energy Management and Modernization

The EMMP combines energy efficiency with building modernization to maximize savings, building value and comfort, while utilizing energy efficiency savings and rebate programs to fund modernization projects. Among the many benefits include:

Modernization is Much More Important Today

The average age of buildings in the United States is 30-40 years old, with 80% of the existing building stock over 15 years. Due to the recession and financial struggles faced by many building owners, much of the mechanical systems and equipment has gone untouched and has been improperly maintained. As result, much of the mechanical and controls equipment is outdated, performs poorly, has high risk of failure, and may not even be designed for the current use of the building.

Phases to Implement an Energy Management and Modernization Plan


During the first step, we clearly define the goals and objectives of the project that serve to meet the financial and operational goals of the building. We then conduct an Energy Audit or Scoping Study of the property to identify specific needs and opportunities. The end result is a list of savings and improvement opportunities that includes a detailed financial analysis for each recommendation. Measures can include:

This initial phase can include a comprehensive ASHRAE Energy Audit, or more targeted feasibility studies, needs analysis, and modernization planning. Every project is unique and we customize our approach so that the most cost effective and appropriate energy management program is developed, which aligns with the owner’s financial and operational goals.


Following the Energy Audit or Scoping Study, we can answer any additional engineering questions, perform any necessary due diligence to verify savings and cost estimates, develop construction budgets, and prepare preliminary engineering designs/schematics. This phase is not always necessary; it depends on the project goals and objectives.
Vert Energy Group provides the building owner with enough information and level of detail to make the most educated decisions. The owner maintains full control over how much time and money is put in this due diligence phase, based on their own requirements.


After the project scope of work is finalized, Vert Energy Group will prepare the Request for Proposal (RFP) package. This can include design/build documents with preliminary scopes of work or complete engineered plans, designs and specifications. It also includes contractor requirements, timelines and project testing and commissioning requirements.
This RFP package is then used to solicit competitive pricing from qualified vendors and installers, in addition to any capital providers if financing is required. Vert Energy Group can make recommendations for contractors, use local talent, or use owner preferred service providers.


In the next phase, Vert Energy Group can provide project construction management and technical oversight services to ensure the selected installers properly engineer, install, and test the new equipment and systems in accordance with contract requirements. This may also include commissioning mechanical and control systems when not provided by an installer.
Once the project is fully implemented and commissioned, Vert Energy Group will help establish long-term goals and responsibilities to ensure energy use is properly managed and equipment is maintained. Vert Energy Group will assist in developing an on-going energy management solution and train your staff to perform these functions in-house. This generally includes: