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How to Post your Building Energy Efficiency Rating

Reminder: Post by October 31, 2022 to avoid a $1,250 penalty

Instructions to Print

  1. Go To:
  2. Enter your Borough, Block & Lot # in the “Get your Building Energy Efficiency Rating” box:
  3. Enter Owner Information
  4. Check acknowledgment box and submit
  5. Print PDF

Instructions to Post

Print and display the label in a conspicuous location near each public entrance within 30 days after October 1 of every year:

  1. The Building Energy Efficiency Rating label is designed to be accessible to all building owners and require minimal cost to comply. A printed 8.5” x 11” paper label is acceptable.
  2. Framing/laminating the label is suggested, but not required, as long as all information included in the label is clearly visible for the entire year.
  3. The label may be printed in color (recommended) or in grey scale.
  4. Once printed, the label must be displayed either externally or internally in a conspicuous location near each public entrance so it is visible to the public.
  5. The label must be displayed at a vertical height no less than four feet and no more than six feet from the ground or floor.
  6. The label must not be defaced, marred, camouflaged or hidden from public view.
  7. The label must be replaced every year with the latest issued version and must be displayed year-round.

Visit DOB’s Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency Grading page at for further details.

The Grading System

Grades based on your building’s ENERGY STAR Benchmark Score as follows:

  • A – score is equal to or greater than 85;
  • B – score is equal to or greater than 70 but less than 85;
  • C – score is equal to or greater than 55 but less than 70;
  • D – score is less than 55;
  • F – for buildings that didn’t submit required benchmarking information;
  • N – for buildings exempted from benchmarking or not covered by the Energy Star program.