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NYC Local Law Compliance

NYC Local Law 97 (LL97) places a carbon cap on buildings over 25,000 sq.ft. This is part of the City’s aggressive Climate Mobilization Act aimed at reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Building owners face penalties of $268 per metric ton over their emissions limit, per year. The first emissions limit goes into effect in 2024. Thereafter, an additional 40% reduction in is required by 2030.  

How to Comply:

  • Step 1: Send us a list of your buildings to determine your upcoming deadlines.
  • Step 2: Complete the enrollment process by submitting your signed agreement.
  • Step 3: Sit back and enjoy a stress-free life free from worrying about missing another deadline or paying another City fine (for not complying)

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For any questions, you may reach me at or give me a call at (949) 200-7198.