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Benchmarking 101

Energy Benchmarking Report

Navigating the Energy Benchmark world can be confusing with various city and state programs out there. Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the Benchmarking world or are already immersed, Vert Energy Group can help ease the process. From small to large portfolios, we help clients file their annual Benchmark reports.


“The problem is, unless you are benchmarking your own work, it is hard to decide what value the benchmark has. Usually it is just another data point and it allows you to compare two different systems.” – Robert Rosen

With roughly 39 existing Energy Benchmark programs it can be hard to keep track of all the different requirements especially as they get updated and amended. Due to COVID, it has become even harder to manage as cities and states have been pushing back their standard deadlines. Between trying to find your compliance deadline and gathering all the necessary Energy consumption data, it can get hectic. That’s where Vert Energy Group can help with our platform

Before getting started on VertPro®, we always recommend that clients have the following information on hand:

• Property Details: the gross floor area (GFA) sq. ft., year built, type of property (i.e. commercial or residential), the total number of utility accounts (Electric and Gas), and parking sq. ft. if applicable

• Utility Accounts: name on utility bills, account and meters numbers, service address if different than the main address of the property

As not everyone has their property and utility information memorized, having this data on hand can help save you time setting up your VertPro account. If you’re ever unsure or get stuck completing your account you can contact our support team via email at and by phone at 800-585-2690.

The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.” – Richard Rogers

The Three Common Questions

There are three common questions we hear regarding Energy Benchmarks: 

    • What is Energy Benchmarking?

    • When is Energy Benchmarking due?

    • Is Energy Benchmarking the same as the Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning (RCx)? 

At Vert Energy Group, we want to make filing easy on you – so let’s break it all down!

Energy Benchmarking is an annual report containing your property’s aggregated Energy usage from the previous calendar year. Each Benchmark program has different requirements such as the property types and sizes that need to file, what data needs to be reported, and deadlines. Across the board, all Energy Benchmark programs require Electric and Gas to be reported. Some programs require more data such as Steam, Oil, and Water consumption as well. The majority of the existing city and state programs have June deadlines, but there are a few programs that have deadlines as early as April of each year.

While the Energy Benchmark is an annual report, the Audits and RCx reports are only required every 5 to 10-years depending on your city or state program. Through an Audit and RCx, you will do an in-depth report of your building’s equipment and condition to see if there is room for improvement. Either a licensed energy auditor or engineer will conduct thorough on-site inspections of your property to gather the necessary data to draft up your report. This will include inspecting current building systems and operations in conjunction with your energy consumption per your annual Energy Benchmark. Your property’s finalized Audit and RCx report will provide you with useful information to help you the owner or manager make decisions to improve the building’s environment for occupants and help save you money down the road.

 “The more energy-efficient we become as a nation, the less we need to develop additional energy sources.” – Lamar S.Smith

Whether you’re looking to file an Energy Benchmark or Audit report or simply looking to make some upgrades to your property, we’re here for you. Simply head on over to – your one-stop shop to meet your Energy needs.

Summer Activities

Danielle’s Corner

Summer Break…

As Alice Cooper once sang, “school’s out for summer!” With summer break now in session for many schools, it’s time to start figuring out some fun summer activities to keep the little ones occupied. As the youngest of four kids, my parents had summer break activities on lock by the time I came around. My favorite activity was building blanket forts. Every summer my parents would section off a part of the living room to let us kids go wild and build the best blanket forts our minds could imagine. It’s a fun activity that requires no money – only some blankets and existing furniture for the structure. If you want to spice up your fort, you can bust out your Christmas lights and throw those on to give the fort a colorful glow at night. Remember to turn those lights off when you’re not using them though to save energy. Blanket forts don’t have to be for kids only though – you can do a movie or game nights or have a mini slumber party in your fort. It’s something simple yet fun for all ages – I might even build one myself this summer.

If you build a blanket, send us a picture or tag us on Facebook @VertEnergyGroup – we’d love to see how creative you all can be!

Find Applicable Energy Laws Search by Zip to Find Applicable Energy Laws

There are over 30 cities/states with Energy Benchmark requirements - 16 have Energy Audit requirements as well! Use this free tool to check if your building has an upcoming Energy Benchmark or Energy Audit deadline.


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